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© 2017 Inception Diamonds Pty Ltd. All gemstones offered by Inception Diamonds are proudly grown in a laboratory and are sometimes referred to as lab diamonds, grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds, man made diamonds, or cultured diamonds. Learn more. 


Diamonds of the Future

Inception Diamonds is proud to exclusively use lab-grown diamonds in all of our fine jewelry. Our created diamonds are chemically, optically and structurally identical to mined diamonds, but socially and environmentally superior.

Innovative Design Process

Inception's knowledgeable yet approachable Diamond Concierge Team is available to collaboratively conceptualize a design, provide you a curated list of exceptional diamonds, and bring to life the perfect piece of art to brilliantly celebrate a meaningful milestone, achievement or holiday.

Uncompromising Quality 

Inception's beautiful diamond jewelry is designed by award-winning artists around the world and produced in South Africa. Our collections feature stunning bridal jewelry, versatile daily wear pieces, and impeccable fine jewelry, all cast with ethically sourced recycled gold and platinum. 

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